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Mychron 5 & Accessories
(Call for Special Pricing)

Stronger case and wider design

The new Mychron 5 comes in a nylon case and
has a wider display. It has an anti-scratch,
non reflecting poly carbonate screen

The battery is easily detached for charging.

Integrated GPS

Track configuration can be programmed in and the
start/finish for each lap can be set. Once set you will
get lap times every time the car goes by that spot.

GPS data is acquired 10 times/second from several satelites.

Infra Red timing with a beacon can also be used, however the
infra red pickup is not included and would be an extra cost item.

Configurable Screens

The screen can be set to show what you want to see
You can do this right on the unit or from your laptop.

Multi Color displays with backlight

You have the option of setting 1 of 7 different colors

Input Configuration on back

  1. 1. Temperature Sensor connection

  2. 2. Lap Timer connection for Infra Red pickup

  3. 3. Connection for expansion or power supply

  4. 4. RPM sensor

  5. 5. Rechargeable Lithium battery

  6. 6. Mounting stud.

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

The lithium battery is a long lasting battery (about 10 hours)
It can be easily removed from the Mychron 5 and simply
placed on the magnetic base for charging.

The usual external power connection is also available.

The battery charger comes with the unit.

Ambient Light Sensor

The display brightness is automatically adjusted
according to the environment lighting

The data can be downloaded directly to your
computer without any cords or using a Data Key

Unit has 4 GB storage


MyChron Brackets

  • Clamp to any frame tube

  • 5/8", 3/4" and 7/8" available

  • Anodized blue

Infra-Red PU is also available - 
       (must order separate)

MyChron Probes

  • One piece Head Temp Probe shown

  • 2 Pc Exhaust Temp Probe shown

  • 2 Pc Head Temp Probe also available

Part # Description Price Qty
2200-5H  Mychron 5 with head temp probe $599.00
2200-5E  Mychron 5 with exhaust temp probe $599.00
2200-P  Mychron Infra Red Pick-up $75.00
2200-B  Mychron beacon $99.00
2200-E  Mychron Exhaust Temp probe $65.00
2200-T  Mychron Head Temp probe $49.50
2200-H3  Mychron Bracket, 3/4 $32.00
2200-H5  Mychron Bracket, 5/8 $32.00
2200-H7  Mychron Bracket, 7/8 $32.00

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