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Made from --  4130 Chromoly Steel

  • Lighter and stronger than Stainless Steel bumpers

  • 5/8 - .049 for 4130    Vs     5/8 - .065 for Stainless

  • 150,000psi tensile for 4130    Vs    100,000psi for Stainless

We need the following measurements

Width of bumper - Outside to Outside
Height of bumper - Outside to Outside
Minimum length of bumper from Front to Back

Order the Custom Bumper below and then
 list these dimensions in the comments section of the invoice form. 

Boomerang Bumpers & Knerf Bars

Boomerang Knerf Bars

  • The left Knerf Bar comes standard with a built in shoulder bar and side protection bar.

  • One size fits all Boomerang Cars, long & short

Boomerang Front & Rear Bumpers

  • 14" Bumper measures 13 3/4 O-O

  • 15" Bumper measures 14 3/4 O-O

  • 16" Bumper measures 15 3/4 O-O

Part # Description Price Qty
2030-15U  15 inch Boomerang Front Bumper,  $69.00
2030-16U  16 inch Boomerang Front Bumper,  $69.00
2031-14U  14 inch Boomerang Rear Bumper,  $89.00
2031-15U  15 inch Boomerang Rear Bumper,  $89.00
2031-16U  16 inch Boomerang Rear Bumper,  $89.00
2032-U  Right Hand Knerf Bar, Boomerang  $119.00
2033-U  Left Hand Knerf Bar, Boomerang $179.00
2030-CU  Custom Bumper, Front - customer specs $69.00
 2031-CU  Custom Bumper, Rear - customer specs $89.00

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