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NEW - 2012 Offset Tail
15" or 16" wide

NEW - Closed in Front
for a cleaner look

2002 Fiberglass Bodies

  • Wedge Style Nose

  • Offset Left Side Panel

  • 15" & 16" Cowls

  • Offset or Pointed Tails

  • White or Black Gel Coat 

Aluminum Bodies

  • Custom made to fit -- need all measurements
    (we have a chart for all the different parts)

Call for Pricing & Sizing

Kirkey Seat

  • For the smaller driver. 

  • 12" wide

  • Upholstery included

  • Headrest is available as a separate option.


Kirkey Head Rest

  • Can be used on any car with or without seat

  • Weld a cross tube behind the driver's head and make the head rest adjustable 

  • Provides unmatched head support for the smaller driver - a lot better than any head net can

  • Available in Black or Red

Part # Description Price Qty
2010  Boomerang Fiberglass Nose, 2000 model $145.00
2010-S  Boomerang Fiberglass Nose, 2002 Sprint model $145.00
2012-15  Offset Tail, fits 15 inch frame - open front $125.00
2012-16  Offset Tail, fits 16 inch frame - open front $125.00
2012-15C  NEW - Offset Tail, 15" wide - closed front $135.00
2012-P  Pointed Tail, fits 15 & 16 inch frames - open front $125.00
2018-12  Kirkey Aluminum Seat with cloth cover, 12 inch $275.00
2018-HK  Kirkey Head Rest with cloth cover, black $59.00
2018-HR  Kirkey Head Rest with cloth cover, red $59.00

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