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NEW - Throttle Linkage Kit

  • One end of rod fastens to the pedal

  • The other end mounts in a spring loaded bracket mounted on the floor.

  • Throttle cable goes from the bracket back to the motor

  • Positive stop for the pedal

  • Strong spring return. 



NEW - Short or Long Linkage Kits

  •  Bent Linkage (15") is  mounted on the belly pan

  • Straight Linkage (12") can be mounted on the side of the frame

  • Comes with cable and special end for A-Main or Tanner linkage

Zero Error Pedals

  • Short Pedals for the smaller drivers

  • 5/16 Bushing Pedals are Polished

  • 3/8 Bushing Pedals are BLACK

Plastic Heel Stops

Holds the heel firmly in place

Pedal/Brake Strap

  • 3/4" x 1/8" strap connects pedal to Master Cylinder

  • Multiple adjusting holes

  • Simple and easy to use -just bolt it on.

Pedal Mounting Bracket

  • 1" x 1/4" x 8" aluminum strap bolts to tabs on frame

  • Allows pedals to be adjusted back & forth

  • Available with 5/16 or 3/8 holes

Adjustable Aluminum Pedals

Short Pedals , adjustable foot rest 

  • Short pedals for the smaller driver 

  • Adjustable Foot Rest

  • Gas Pedal comes drilled for cable stop (included)

  • Comes with shoulder bolt and mounting spacer

Tall Pedals , adjustable foot rest 

  • Taller Pedals for the bigger driver.

  • Adjustable Foot Rest gives even more room 

  • Gas Pedal comes drilled for cable stop (included)

  • Comes with shoulder bolt and mounting spacer


 Throttle Cable & Stops

  • 1/16" x 72" Throttle Cable

  • Cable Stop is Hex shaped 

  • Swivel Stop is 1/4" round so it will swivel in a 1/4" hole on a pedal.

  • Cable for DECO, Animal or World Formula

  • Honda cable for Tanner or Ball Brg linkage

3/16" Nylon Line & Fittings

  • 3/16" Straight Fitting shown fits 3/16" Nylon Line

  • The Straight fitting is used for throttle cable applications

  •  It is also used to hold the vent line on gas tanks. 

  • The ferrule clamps to the 3/16 line and are available separate

  • 3/16" Nylon line available separate



Part # Description Price Qty
2120-B  Boomerang Tall Brake Pedal with adjustable foot rest $39.00
2120-T  Boomerang Tall Gas Pedal with adjustable foot rest $39.00
2120-BS  Boomerang Short Brake Pedal with adjustable foot rest $39.00
2120-TS  Boomerang Short Gas Pedal with adjustable foot rest $39.00
2121-BS   Pedal to Master Cylinder strap, adjustable  $9.50
2124  Cable Stop, each $.75
2124-10  Cable Stop, 10 Pk $7.00
2125  Swivel Stop, each $.75
2125-10  Swivel Stop, 10 Pk $7.00
2126  3/16 inch Nylon Line, per foot $.75
2127-S  Fittings, straight, each $4.50
2128-P  Plastic Heel Stop with hardware - single heel stop 9.95
2128-P2  Plastic Heel Stop with hardware - one pair (2 heel stops) 18.50
2129-5 Zero Error Aluminum Pedal, 5/16 bushing - Polished $59.00
2129-6 Zero Error Aluminum Pedal, 3/8 bushing  - BLACK $65.00
2130-B15  Linkage Kit - 15 inch Bent w/cable, attaches to belly .00pan $49.50
2130-S12  Linkage Kit - 12 inch, straight w/cable $49.50
2508-C  Throttle cable for Honda 120 and 160 $9.50
2122  Throttle cable for Deco, Animal or World Formula $9.50
2121-5/16 Aluminum Pedal Mounting Bracket, 5/16  holes, each $12.50
2121-3/8  Aluminum Pedal Mounting Bracket, 3/8 holes, each $12.50

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