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Red Line Oil

  • A highly respected oil

  • Can be used in any motor

  • Available in 50Wt only


  • Amsoil, 0-30Wt - for Honda Motors

  • Amsoil 4T - formulated for B&S - Animal and World Formula motors

  • Buy a case and get 
         2 FREE Qts


Light weight Lubricant

Use on open taper bearing hubs.

Joe Gibbs Racing Oil


  • Specialty Oils

  • XP1 5W-20

  • XP6 15W-50

Catch Cans - 
Clamp style

  • Clamps to any frame tube

  • Lower cost

  • Black or Silver

Zero Error 
Catch Cans

  • Clamps to rear frame tube

  • 7/8  mounting

  • 3/4 mounting for
    Bullrider cars

Part # Description Price Qty
2240-TF12  Tri-Flow Lubricant, 12 oz aerosol can $28.50
2241-50  Redline Oil, 50Wt, 1 Qt $15.95
2242-XP1  Joe Gibbs 5W-20, 1 Qt $22.50
2242-XP6  Joe Gibbs 15W-50, 1 Qt $18.75
2245  Amsoil 0-30Wt, 1 Qt $16.00
2245-C  Amsoil 0-30Wt, 1 Case   
        (2 Free Quarts)
2245-4T  Amsoil 4T for B&S, 1 Qt $16.50
2245-4TC  Amsoil 4T for B&S, 1 Case  
        (2 Free Quarts)
2247-CP  Aluminum Catch Can, Silver $19.50
2247-CB  Aluminum Catch Can, Black $19.50
2247-3/4  Zero Error Catch Can, 3/4 mount $75.00
2247-7/8  Zero Error Catch Can, 7/8 mount $75.00

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