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Boomerang Front Axle & Spindles

  • We offer 2 axle lengths - measured kingpin to kingpin
    --- 30" for Asphalt
    --- 29" for Dirt or Asphalt

  • This is a zero-scrub axle where the  curved spindle arms allow the wheels to sit in over the spindles for minimum arc travel when turning in the corners.

  • The shock mount is inside of the radius arm tab.
     (Newer axles have the shock mount outside of the radius tabs)

  • Spindles and spindle bearings must be ordered separately.

Part # Description Price Qty
2045-29U Boomerang Front Axle, 29, unchromed $145.00
2045-30U Boomerang Front Axle, 30, unchromed $145.00
2046-RU Boomerang Spindle, RH, unchromed $32.50
2046-LU Boomerang Spindle, LH, unchromed $32.50
2047 Spindle Bolt Kit, 2 bolts & nuts $6.00
2042-B Boomerang Axle Bend only $29.00
2043-2F 2 1/2 U Bracket, no slot $9.50
2043-2S 2 1/2 U Bracket, with slot $10.50
2048 Camber Adjust Block, each $9.50
2054 5/8 Steering Bearing $7.50

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