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2 Pc Slider motor plate

  • Large plate is drilled to match your frame

  • Smaller plate mounts on motor and slides inside rails on the bigger plate

  • Motor is adjustable with only two bolts. 

  • Combination raises motor by only 3/8" over a single plate

  • Adjuster bracket and bolt are included.

  • Undrilled plates are also available for matching to your frame

Motor Plate Adjuster Bracket

  • Adjuster bar bolts directly to the bottom plate

  • Adjuster bolt locks the top plate from moving



Slider Bar motor plate

  • Flat plate bolts directly to frame

  • Drill your own mounting holes to match

  • Slider bar mounts to motor

  • Groove in plate keeps motor straight

  • Xtra slider bars can be purchased

  • Angled and Flat plates available

  • Use 2 standard bolts & 2 "T" bolts 

"T" Bolt Kit

  • "T" Bolts stop bolts from turning 

  • 4 bolts & nuts in a kit

  • Bolts or nuts can be purchased separate


Part # Description Price Qty
2110-B Tube Mount clamps, set of 2, bolt to other motors $19.50
2112 Honda T Bolt Kit, 1 1/2 inch bolts with flange nuts, 4 per kit $6.50
2113  Deco T Bolt Kit, 1 1/4 inch bolts with flange nuts, 4 per kit $6.50
2114  5/16-18 Flange nut, non serated, each $.15
2116-U  Slider Motor Plate, not drilled, complete w/adjuster $119.00
2116-S  Slider Motor plate, drilled for Stanley, complete w/adjuster $119.00
2116-NC  Slider Motor plate, drilled for NC car, complete w/adjuster $119.00
2116-B  Slider Motor plate, for Bullrider, Storm , complete w/adjuster $119.00
2116-P  Slider Motor top plate only, bolt to another motor $49.50
2116-A  Slider Motor plate, adjuster bracket assy $19.95
2117-F  Slider Bar Motor Plate, flat, includes bar $65.00
2117-A  Slider Bar Motor Plate, angled, includes bar $69.50
2117-B  Slider Bar only - bolt to another motor $12.50
2118  5/16 x 1 3/8 Socket Head w/flange nuts, set of 4 for Honda $4.50

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