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Tire Mounting Tool

(NEW Tire Tool is not Powder Coated)

Individual pieces are now available
in case you have lost one of them

To Dismount Tire -- 

Rotate handle about post 
Note how one side of the tire is down in the
center of the wheel

To Mount Tire

The Tire Tool must be firmly mounted
The top hex nut must be tightened so that the mounting shaft 
is stable and won't bend.
The clamp collar must be tightened securely
Warm the tire up and use a lubricant - like Windex

Follow these steps to change tires

  1. Break the bead using a Bead Breaker.
    The Bead Breaker Tool is listed below.

  2. Mount Base of Tire Tool solid on a bench or Trailer Hitch
      (there is a lot of force on the tool when putting the tire on)

  3. To Dismount Tire: 
    Mount the wheel on the Tire Tool with the narrow side of the rim up. 
    Hold one side of the tire down in the middle of the wheel with one hand 
    while you use the flattened end of the handle to pry the tire over the rim 
    on the opposite side. Rotate handle about center post to remove tire.
    Finish by hand.

4.  To Mount the Tire:
Put one side of the rim in the new tire by hand with the
     narrow side of the rim up.
     Mount wheel on the Tire Tool and attach the handle as
     shown with the roller riding on the rim. 
     Tighten the clamp collar on top of the handle. 
     Push one side of the tire down into the middle of the wheel
     and rotate the handle to roll the the other side of the tire on.

5.  Put tire and wheel assembly inside the tire ring and inflate until
     the tire bead is seated.

NOTE: The tire ring is for safety
 and also acts to maintain tire size


Scissors Style Tire Tool
  • Easily remove tires from wheel rim.

  • Pointed ends quickly remove tire

  • Teflon blocks below handles put tire on

  • Dismount and Mount in one single motion.

Deluxe Tire Bead Breaker


Bead Breaker makes it easy 
to get the tires off the rims. 

  • Works for both 5" and 6" wheels

  • Easy adjustment for different width wheels.

  • Angled foot slips under the wheel rim.

  • Angled handle provides high leverage to break the bead.

  • New tool is not powder coated.

  • It sells because it works!


Economy Tire Bead Breaker

  • Works for both 5" and 6" wheels

  • Adjusts up & down for different width wheels

  • Curved ring pushes tire down off rim 

          Tire Air Gauge           
Tire Hardness Gauge


  • High quality air gauge with pressure release

  • 0 - 30 pounds

  • Compare Tire Hardness with Durometer

Tire Safety Ring

  • Use to inflate tires with safety

  • Simple adjustment - fits any tire

  • Powder Coated Red

Tire Scraper


  • Tire Scraper attaches to heat gun

  • Pull Back Design makes it easy to use. 

  • Precision Cutting Edge machined in a mill.

  • Stainless Steel



MINI - Temperature Gun with Laser


  • Check Tire temperatures for even drift in corners

  • Check Head temperature for carburetor settings

  • Check Track temperature



Part # Description Price Qty
2203  Deluxe Tire Bead Breaker w/angled foot - $97.00
2207-P  Tire Safety Ring - $89.00
2203-T  Tire Mounting Tool -  $129.00
2203-BB  Tire Bead Breaker - curved ring -  $49.00
2203-S5  Scissors Tire Tool - for 5" wheels 99.50
2203-S6  Scissors Tire Tool - for 6" wheels 99.50
2203-S56  Scissors Tire Tool set for both 5" & 6" wheels 195.00
2204-30/2.5  Tanner Air Gauge, 30#, 2 1/2 diameter $29.50
2204-G/2.5  Tanner Air Gauge replacement glass $4.95
2204-H  Tire Hardness Gauge (Durometer) - mechanical $49.50
2207-TS  Tire Scraper -  $25.00
2204-TL  Tire Temperature Gun with Laser $39.50

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